9999 NE 2nd Avenue

Miami Shores, Florida 33138


Our Story

“Under an incredibly starry sky at the Southern Cross below the city of Miami. That is where our dream would come true." 
- Matteo Liberotti

Cote Gourmet was born on a sailboat, under a starry sky, at the Southern Cross below the city of Miami.

Amina, the chef, met Matteo, the captain, during a journey around five continents, when their untamed, restless souls found peace among the waves and the wind. 

Together, they discovered new dishes, colors and aromas, and ultimately fell in love- with each other and with the gifts of the sea.

Cote Gourmet offers an honest cuisine, inspired by the flavors and textures of different lands and the chef’s Italian and French roots. 

With each bite, we invite you to taste the places that have moved Amina and the stories every port has told Matteo.