Our Story

“Under an incredibly starry sky at the Southern Cross below the city of Miami. That is where our dream would come true." 
- Matteo Liberotti

The idea was born when Amina met Matteo during a sailboat journey around the 5 continents, which led them to the discovery of incredibly different dishes, colors, aromas, and flavors. The sea was the meeting point of their untamed, restless souls, which found peace amidst waves and wind.

Amina was born in Senegal, grew up in Paris and then moved to Italy. She started experimenting with the aromas and flavors of the local culinary tradition when she was a little girl, together with her grandmother. Her passion grew so strong that she ended up spending most of her time in the kitchen.

Matteo was born in Rome. After graduating, he decided to take some time off and sail. The art of seamanship soon became a job, as after much travelling and studying, he became a captain. When he met Amina, he too was captivated by culinary art.

Amina, who was already renowned for her work at social events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Genoa Boat Show, and Les Voiles de Saint Tropez, quickly gained great popularity. As years went by, her desire to open a restaurant together with Matteo grew stronger.

Enter the new Cote Gourmet, an opportunity resulting from the mingling of cultures, life experiences, cities, and ingredients.

A simple cuisine, influenced by aromas, tastes, and textures of different origins, focusing on French, Italian, and other international flavors and their modern uses, without forgetting its tradition roots inspiration.

Each of Cote Gourmet's new dishes is a journey through the lands that have inspired the Chef, and the stories that every port has told Matteo.