Actual customer reviews posted in the last 6 months

Actual customer reviews posted in the last 6 months


Rick W.  8/19/18 - YELP

Cote Gourmet was recommended to us by a friend ... We've connected there with some terrific, cultured, educated people and spontaneously formed a little social circle that "meets" for brunch on a regular, if spontaneous, basis.

The food. Oh boy.

Chef Amina has an amazingly artful assortment of foi gras intros, including one with blood orange dressing that rolled my eyes up in my head. I always have the goat cheese salad, spreading rough cut marmalade on the toasted cheese croutons...what a combo. There's French onion soup and then there's Amina's French onion soup. The brunch menu includes a French brie (or maybe St. Anne) cheese and spinach crepe - it's the house crepe - that's also amazing (as is the chicken and mushroom crepe), and throw out everything you think you know about ham and cheese sandwiches and try her croque monsieur or croque madame appretizers. The wine list is discriminating - I had just returned from a week in Rome and asked, not with any hope they'd have it, if they served a Pecorino white and of course they had it. But before we get too carried away with the haute cuisine, I mentioned jokingly to Chef Amina, whose gastronomical studies were grounded in Paris, if she knew about French hot dogs. They're not like American hot dogs, being much longer and cooked right inside a baguette, slathered in melted crusty Gruyere cheese. In Paris they're served from wooden carts stationed outside the old opera house. She laughed and said, of course, she knew what they were. The following Sunday I showed up and tried to order the crepe but Humberto waved me off with a smile. A moment later an honest-to-God French hot dog appeared on my table. Oh boy.

Jan D. 9/7/18

For fun!  My husband and I "signed-in" for Cote Gourmet's Friday event M-A-C-F-Y (Mama Amina Cooks For You).  We identified our chosen ingredients; Lion Fish, and Kohlrabi.  We wanted to see how chef Amina would perform her magic using ingredients that are rarely found in local South Florida eateries.  It was fabulous!  We now call that event MACFY MAGIC, & we'll be returning soon.  The lion fish was prepared perfectly in a delicious sauce.  Our kohlrabi was brilliantly infused into a quiche-like concoction that we are still marveling about.

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