Colours of the Garden - Chef’s Choice 8

 Vegan Gourmet 8

French Onion Soup 10

Mango Gaspacio 9

Crêpes & Crocs

Russian Crêpes

with Caviar, Cappers and Greek Yogurt Sauce

Crêpes Cote Gourmet 

Organic Spinach, Béchamel and Brie

 Special Crêpes

Chef Fantasy

Croque Madame - Ham, Swiss Cheese, Béchamel and Sunny side up Egg, Dijon Mustard 11

Croque Monsieur - Ham, Swiss Cheese, Béchamel, Dijon Mustard 10



Nicoise Salad - Romaine Heart, Albacore Tuna, Green Beans, Cucumber, Anchovies, Potato, Tomato, Olives and eggs  12

Goat Cheese Salad -Romaine Heart, Melted Goat Cheese Toast, Green Apple, Tomato, Avocado and Vegetables 12

Amina’s Salad -Chef fantasy daily salad  14

Greek Salad -Chef fantasy daily salad  9

Lunch Special 

Tuesday: Cassoulet
Wednesday: Chef Amina's Selection
Thursday: Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina
Friday: Bouillabaisse
Saturday: Coq Au Vin
Sunday: Meurette Eggs in Burgundy Sauce