Our BRUNCH is a place for families, friends, and "friends-yet-to-be" to gather and enjoy the day together.  The menu is affordable for budget-minded families.  It is fanciful, for those who may want an inspiring change of pace in their meal routine.  Amina wants to hear from Moms and Dads, what food choices their children are making.  Let her know. 

She just may surprise your child with a new favorite dish.


Quiche Lorraine 

Croque Madame

Croque Monsieur

Escargots from Bourgogne

Savory Crepes

Russian crepe

Greek yogurt with a selection of caviar and cappers

Cotè Gourmet Crepe

Organic spinach, béchamel and brie

Special Crepe

Chef Fantasy


Goat Cheese Salad  13

Romaine heart, melted goat cheese toast, green apple, tomato, avocado and vegetables

Nicoise Salad  14

Romaine heart, albacore tuna, green beans, cucumber, anchovies, potato, tomato, olives and boiled eggs

Amina’s Salad 15

Chef fantasy daily salad


Cotè Gourmet Omelette 10

Regolar omelette (3 Eggs)

Smoked Salmon Omelet 12

Served with capers, creamy homemade yogurt sauce

Make your own Omelet 14

(Choose 3 ingredients your omelet)

Ham, cheese, bacon, spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushroom

*Each ingredient more 1.

Sweet Crepes

Nutella Crepe 9

Nutella Crepe and Fruits 10

with fresh strawberry or sliced bananas 1.5 each

Crepe Suzette  12


Two Eggs Cooked any Style 6.50

Scrambled, sunny-side up, over-easy, poached

add ham, cheese or bacon for 1.5

Poached Eggs Benedict 15,50

Served wit smoked salmon, bacon or ham, hollandaise sauce, in an english muffin or croissant


Butter Croissant 3.50

Almond Croissant 4.50

Pain au Chocolate (Chocolate Croissant) 4.50

Authentic French Toast 9.50

topped with Fresh Fruit and Apple Syrup

Authentic French Toast with Chocolate 10.50

topped with Fresh Fruit and Apple Syrup